Fiesta de San Mate, The Wine Festival

Fiesta de San Mateo
There is a week of festivals, coinciding with the feast day of Saint Matthew, which is also known as the wine festival (Fiesta de San Mateo) on September 21st.
You could be strolling around, or even visiting wine bars, but you are sure to see dancing Giants and Big Heads, parade floats, decorated with symbols for wine making, and many more cerimoneys that coinside with the normal Spanish festival. The festival involves rioja wines and regional cuisine.
During this festival, you will also find something called the fountain of wine.
The fountain of wine is one of the biggest events partaken in the spanish festival of Fiesta de San Mateo. It always takes place on a saturday evening. you follow the parade from the townhall to Gran finaly reach a fountain, spurting red water, that is not actually wine. by the end of the week, the water goes from red to white, symbolizing the transformation between the colors of wine.