All Saints Daymartyrs_capota.jpgAll Saints Day is an old feast which arose from the Christian tradition of celebrating the saints on the anniversary of their sacrifice to the prosperity of humanity. When these sacrifices began to increase during the persecutions of the late Roman Empire, a local dioceses began to hold a common feast day in order to ensure that all martyrs were honored whether they were known or unknown. We now celebrate All Saints Day on the first of November. The decision to celebrate on this day came from Pope Gregory III when he consecrated a chapel to all the martyrs in Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome and ordered a yearly celebration. This celebration was originally confined to the dioceses of Rome, but Pope Gregory IV extended the feast to the entire church and had it celebrated on November 1st. The day before the feast, October 31st, is commonly known as Halloween or Hallows Eve.The main reason was that Christians dressed up in costumes to mock evil, because they know that evil will not over power them. Despite the concerns among some Christians and a few Catholics, in recent years about the "irreligious origins" of Halloween, the eve was celebrated from the begging of the feast- long before Irish practices, stripped of their irreligious beliefs, were incorporated into the feast.