Antonío Gaudí

Antonío Gaudí was born in Reus, Catalonia, 1852. In school, Gaudí was always behind. He suffered from arthritis, which kept him from coming to school often. He preferred to observe biology, as well as studying the shapes of nature. Later in life, he was called closer to his religion. So, he combined his love for religion and architecture, which later lead to his greatest design,the Sagrada Familia. Around 1870, he moved to Barcelona, Spain, to study architecture at The Provincial School of architecture. His grades were again, worse than average. But, he was one of four students to recieve the title of architect from the school director.After 1884, Gaudí received permission to start La Sagrada Familia, at the age of 32. He spent the rest of the 42 years of his life working on it. Sadly, on June 7th, 1926, he was walking in the street when he got ran over by a tram. Unrecognizable, many people passed him by thinking that he couldn't pay for a doctors fee, since he was wearing rags. Three days later, Gaudí died at the age of 74.