Peter- St. Peter was a fisherman who became one of Jesus's apostles as soon as he saw jesus walk on water. Peter was a Cristian leader in his very insignificant Bethsaida. Peter was amazed of what god could do. One day a flash of lighting suronded him leaving him stunned. From that day on he wanted to follow god.

St. Andrew- Brother of Peter he was. He was a fisherman, the x shaped cross represents Saint Andrew.The chosen one and the honored one in Russia and Spain. They use this cross today as it represents their Cristianity. St. Andrew was the first apostle and he was a patron for good weather and marriages.

St.Matthew- Matthew was not a happy man as he tried working several jobs, but none of them worked out, so he became a tax collector. Jesus walked by matthew's tax booth one day to find not only a sad man, but one who needed help. Back then, tax collectors are terrible people and if you talk to them you may be insulted and more. Jesus looked at this man and he said come, come with me. Their Matthew followed Jesus as Jesus took him to his home to have a meal with all the other apostles. Soon the other opostles started questioning Jesus on why he brought a tax collector here. Jesus replied he needed help. From that day on Matthew was now an apostle and followed jesus for the rest of his life.

St.Tomas- tomas was known for being an architect. He was thought to have help build Carpenters square. He was a helper in the fishing buisness as helped out Andrew and Peter.

St.Phillip- Phillip was known as a preacher. He was born in bethlsaida.He preached the gospel in Phrygia and was later crucified for his actions. Phrygia is a small town near his own.

St. Bartholomew-A preacher and a friend of Phillip the legend says. He preached the gospel in various different spots, including India, Persia, Ethiopia, and Armenia. He was later killed in Armenia where he was struck in the head and stabbed with a knife. Not alot is known about this apostle, but what we do know is he was one of Jesus's best man and alot of people believe Peter Summoned him to Jesus.

St. John-Son of Zeebede and brother of great James. He was a fisherman and a disciple of John the baptist who is one of the evangelists. Lived at Ephesus as in Asian Minor. He later died of natural death at around age 100. Author of the fourth gospel(chapter in bible) and the last book of the new testament.(BIBLE)

St. James- Son of Zeebede and brother of John. A fisherman who grew up with Peter and John. Neighbor of Andrew and told to be good friends. They often fished together. They also shared the same boats and ate dinner together as one big family combining Andrew's and his together.When growing up he witnessed the life of Jairus(the daughter of life).With her the world shall live the bible says.

St. Simon-Preached in various different spots across the world. Main preaching spot included the mideast region. The apostle Simon was the least known and is still trying to be researched today. The cause of his death was being sawed in half.

St. Jude- Was a catholic Epistles. Legends say he preached the gospel in Mesopotamia, Persia, and elsewhere. He was killed with a halbeard.(A long axe like weapon) Is named by Luke and Acts, and often called Thaddeus.

St. James the Less- St. James was the leader of the third group of apostles. To be able to tell him apart from the other St. James, St. Mark called him "the less" because St. Mark betrayed St. James. Sometimes he is also called "the younger". James the Less feast day is a holiday on May third.

St. Matthias- St. Matthias was not one of the original apostles. He was chosen by Peter when Judas left the apostles. The other person who was nominated to take the place of Judas was Joseph Barsabbas. Matthias represents the brightening of dark and the beginning of a new period in time. Matthias is a source of joy and his feast day is on February 25, on a leap year. This symbolizes the filling of a gap.