First the bull is let into the the ring then the top bullfighter, the matador, watches his assistant wave a bright yellow and magenta cape in front of the bull to make it charge. He watches in order to observe and determine the bulls qualities and mood. A trumpet sounds and picadors weaken the bull by stabbing spears into it. Then next 3 Banderillos come out and stab the bull with 2 banderillas each and sometimes the matador comes out and places banderillas in the bull. Skilled Banderillos can actually correct the faults of the bulls and get the bull in a specific spot. Another trumpet sounds and the matador removes his hat and dedicates the death of the bull to the president or the crowd beginning his faena. The faena is where the matador shows his courage.
Bullfightsespada7_.jpegIt consists of the matador running around carrying a muleta. It's a piece of thick cloth draped over a stick. It can be held in either the left or draped over the espada, also known as the killing sword, which is always is always in the right hand. The faena is continued until the matador has shown his strength over the bull. Now it is time for the bull to die. The matador stands some 10 feet away from the bull and aims the espada at the bull between the shoulder blades. The matador attacks pushing espada deep between the shoulders. He stabs the bull and it usually drops and dies. If it does not he takes out the descabello and kills the bull by stabbing it in the neck. The fight is over. The matador can win trophies and the crowd throws flowers which are collected by the matadors's assistants.