Bullfighting Termanology

Corrida de toros- bullfight

Traje de luces- A colorful suit worn by bullfighters

Matador- star bullfighter

Picador- an assistant to the matador, also opens bullfight by weakening the bull's

Torero- Bullfighter (applicable to anybody who engages in the ultimate death of the bull)

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Banderilla- bullfighters who inserts banderilla into the bull's neck

Plaza de toros- The bullring

Tercios- Thirds in a bullfight and they are like periods in a bullfight

Paseillo- When the toreros parade into the ring

Banderillas- a decorated barbed dart that is thrust into the bull's neck by a banderilleroin in a bullfight

Veronica- maneuver in bullfighting in which the matador stands with both feet fixed in position and swings the cape slowly away from the bull

Suerte Suprema- when the bullfighter uses a muleta (red rag) to exhaust and anger the bull, ends when the bullfighter kills the bull with a sword

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