St. Peter- Peter was a fisherman. You couldnt call him poor because he owned a boat for fishing, a house, and the gear to do his work. His father was quiet man. he wasn't very religous but his son was very blessed.

St. Andrew-He was born in Bethsaida , brother of Peter and disiple John the baptist. He was also a fisherman like Peter but Andrew was one of the first people to follow Jesus.

St. Mathew- Mathew was a tax collector, and one of the Evangelists. He was also known by Levi which means "Gift of god".

St. Thomas-Also known as Thomas the doubter was often wronged as a apostle. He did not believe anyone when they said Jesus was going to be ressurected.

St. Phillip-Philip feast day is celebrated with James the Less on May 3rd. Philip came from the same town as Peter and Andrew, Bethsaida in Galilee.

St. John-A fisherman, probably a disciple of John the Baptist, one of the Evangelists. Lived in Asia for some time and died a natural death about 100 which is old for that time.

St. Bartholomew-A friend of Philip; preached the Gospel in Ethiopia, India, Persia and Armenia, where he was killed by being flayed and beheaded(Head chopped off).

St. Matthias-A disciple of Jesus And the 11 Apostles. He was chose to replace Judas before the Resurrection; uncertain traditions report that he preached the Gospel in Palestine, Cappadocia or Ethiopia.

St. James-´╗┐He was the first apostle to die which was a big loss for jesus because he was very bold. St. Paul the gentile was chose to take his place.

St. Jude-Many traditions say that he preached the gospel in all of Asia. He was also known as Judas Iscariot, the disiple and apostle who betrayed Jesus.

St. Simon-He was least known and said to be the least important apostle.He was known to be the first, the great, the rock foundation of the Church and thats it.

St. James the less-He was called James the less because he was younger or shorter than James the Great. He was thrown from the top of the temple in Jerusalem and clubbed to death at 66 years old.